Best Place to Buy Upholstery Fabric

Upholstering the furniture in your house makes for a great creative project. You could choose to do-it-yourself or outsource the task to a professional. Either way, the choice of the upholstery fabric is something that has a great bearing on the final outcome. These fabrics are available for sale at many different kinds of stores, from where you could pick the right ones from among myriads of options. Before you head out to the nearest upholstery seller, explore the different options that you have in this regard.

Online upholstery fabric store

Online stores are today the go-to options for needs of all kinds, and it is no different when you want to pick up fabrics for your upholstery project. Many of these stores carry multitudes of brands and choices. A good e-shop stocks fabric of different qualities and thicknesses, multiple colors, patterns etc. Cotton, linen, polyester, silk, nylon, acrylic, wool, leather, faux suede – name it and they have it. Not just ones for indoor use, they also carry upholstery material for outdoor use. One of the greatest advantages of such stores is that you can make your choice from the comfort of your home, and gain access to collections from good brands from any part of the globe. For those who are keen on feeling the fabric before purchase, many of these shops also offer samples and swatches for trial.

Exclusive brand stores

If you are a die-hard fan of branded products, exclusive brand outlets of upholstery are a good choice for you. Buying fabrics from renowned brands not only guarantees quality but also adds a touch of uniqueness. Most brands of upholstered fabric introduce new collections every season and often have limited edition ranges that are crafted in tie-ups with designers, celebrities etc. An example of this is the range of designer upholstery fabrics by Kravet. Such fabrics tend to add a touch of sophistication and luxury and make an instant impression about your penchant for all things fine and luxurious. So, if you want your home to be a reflection of what is trending, a brand store is where you want to pick up your stuff.

Large format retailers

You don’t always have to head to an upholstery-only store to get what you need. Large format stores that sell myriads of other things among such fabrics is also a good choice. The advantage of buying from such retailers is that you get to browse through collections of different brands under one roof. Also, many of them offer unbeatable prices and run sales and discounts on their products for a good part of the year. So, if you want to buy good quality upholstery material without burning a hole in your pocket, a large format store is where you should head to.

Thrift stores and backyard sales

Do-it-yourself projects are all about creativity. You can sure find multitudes of options at stores that have the latest and trendiest upholstery fabric for sale. However, they could turn out to be expensive, especially when you are on the path of mix and match and need yardages in smaller quantities. Thrift stores and backyard sales are a great outlet for all needs creative and out of the box. These places often carry one of a kind designs, especially those that are slightly older, and hard to find at regular shops. This makes them a great place to go hunting in when you need upholstery of the vintage and rustic kind.

Non-upholstery fabric stores

Not all upholstery needs are about sofas, settees, and large furniture. Your needs sometimes can be smaller and simpler, such as slipcovers for the cushions in your sofa or for the armchair in your lounge. These don’t necessarily need sturdy fabrics that can stand wear and tear or expensive ones with a luxurious feel. Regular fabrics used for clothing, furnishing, etc. carry unique designs and patterns that complement upholstery, and which can be used on cushions, covers etc. alongside them. So, remember to look beyond upholstery fabric stores to find the right match for your requirements.

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