Carved Birds Cuckoo Clocks- A Touch of Excellence

Carved birds cuckoo clocks are the most popular style of black forest cuckoo clocks. As the name suggests, a carved bird cuckoo clock has traditional carvings attached to the case which depicts the scene of nature. A carved bird cuckoo clock features beautifully carved birds, deer, eagles, trees, or owl.

Why purchase carved birds cuckoo clocks?

Carved birds cuckoo clocks are one of the most iconic timepieces which are not only beautiful but functional as well. Here is why people purchase carved cuckoo clocks:

A great home decor

A carved cuckoo clock ornament is the perfect addition to any holiday decor. Carved cuckoo clocks are often treated as beautiful home decorations rather than functional timepieces. These clocks are great home decor items which can enhance the beauty of any space. More importantly, carved cuckoo clocks play music as well. Many people purchase cuckoo clocks for its musical elements. A cuckoo clock with musical elements is more likely to play German melodies such as Edelweiss or Der fröhliche Wanderer. When a cuckoo clock plays the music at the top of each hour, it adds the feeling of warmth and happiness to the whole house.

Functional as well

Even in today’s modern world, cuckoo clocks still use a centuries-old method of keeping time. Genuine cuckoo clocks give accurate time readings. VdS certified cuckoo clocks feature mechanical movement.

Gift for the special occasion

A carved cuckoo clock is a perfect gift for a special occasion. Every piece of the cuckoo clock is unique. Real cuckoo clocks are made of the natural black forest wood from Germany and feature handcrafted carvings. Its natural aesthetics appearance and soothing melodies could easily make anyone happy. Therefore, it makes the perfect gift for your loved ones on special occasions like wedding anniversary, Christmas day, or birthday.

Worth an investment

A genuine carved birds cuckoo clock lasts for decades to come. If you take care of your cuckoo clock properly, you will be able to pass it to your children. An authentic cuckoo clock will cost you around $500 to $2500. More importantly, a cuckoo clock holds its value even after years of use. Therefore, buying a stunning cuckoo clock is worth investing.

How to choose the right dealer for buying carved birds cuckoo clocks?

Carved birds cuckoo clocks are very popular all over the United States. Unfortunately, there are many unauthorized dealers selling substandard cuckoo clocks in the market. So it is necessary that you should choose the right dealer for buying cuckoo clocks.

Here are a few tips to choose the right cuckoo clock dealer:

Ask for VdS certification for cuckoo clocks

Purchase cuckoo clock from authorized dealers. An authorized dealer will provide you the VdS certification for your carved cuckoo clocks. This certification ensures that cuckoo clock you are buying is made in Germany. But always remember cuckoo clock with quartz movement do not have VdS certification because to get VdS certification clock must feature mechanical movement.

Read online reviews and testimonials

Read online reviews and testimonials of customers. It will give you a fair idea about the authenticity of the dealer. Check the better business bureau rating of a dealer. A-rated dealers have great customer satisfaction rate. Check the website of the dealer. Make sure you find the information about the dealer such as office address, contact information, certification, and shipping policy.

Check warranty and shipping policy

Make sure your dealer is providing you manufacturer’s warranty. Hermle and Kieninger have three-year manufacturer’s warranty. Do not purchase cuckoo clocks if your dealer is not providing a full warranty. Check the shipping policy of the dealer. Usually, there is 30 days period for the refund of the clock.

In the end…

Carved birds cuckoo clocks are authentic timepieces that can add a touch of excellence to any space. If you are looking for a stunning timepiece for a big boring wall of your home, purchasing black forest carved birds cuckoo clock is a great idea.