Different Types of Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

A kitchen is considered as the most prominent space inside the house. Your kitchen is where you prepare mouthwatering and delicious food for your loved ones. Kitchen lighting is one of the most overlooked aspects inside a house. When considering kitchen lighting you need to look into the overall lighting theme of the kitchen. The kitchen cabinet lighting can be anything from simple to striking. It is a layer of light that adds visual interest and an aesthetic appeal to the ambience. There are various options available in the market for kitchen cabinet lighting you can choose from.

1. Xenon Fixtures: This is one of the oldest technologies in cabinet lighting. The fixture is highly regarded by some because of the perfect color. It emits a clean, white light but they do get really hot. You can also use them for task lighting instead of an all-day lighting source.

2. Fluorescent Fixtures: This is a classic lighting which is a popular choice amongst many. These fixtures use T5 bulbs that are smaller in diameter than the T12 bulbs. There is lower heat emission and it is a good option that can work for a lot of applications which do not need anything too fancy.

3. Puck Lights: This is the most popular option for cabinet lighting. It has a hockey puck shape and can use xenon, LED light bulbs and halogen depending on where they are being used. It is a long lasting option and can be found in battery powered models also. If you are somebody who does not want to deal with wiring lights, you can use the puck lights.

4. LED Strip light: In case you do not want a fixture under your cabinet but you need light, LED strip light is an effective solution for you. If you install it correctly, you will never see the LEDs and only notice the light produced by it. The LED strip lights are not as bright hence it can be used for accent lighting as well.

5. LED Fixtures: The latest addition to kitchen cabinet lighting, it is the most energy efficient option and are LED fixtures and LED light bars. They are versatile and come in any color temperature and brightness levels. LED fixtures are wider than light bars.

Kitchen cabinet lighting has been in existence for many years but the same has undergone various changes. The latest lighting options are cost efficient and emit higher light without getting hot. Different types of lighting can be used in the kitchen depending on your requirement. Choose lights that add functionality and add an aesthetic appeal to your kitchen. Excessive lighting inside the kitchen can ruin the entire look of the space. Keep it stylish and ensure that it blends with the entire theme of the home. Lighting when done right can immediately elevate the space. Consider the cost of different lighting options and the requirement of light inside your kitchen cabinet before you make a decision.