Different Types of Minka Aire Ceiling Fans

A ceiling fan is a product that meet ventilation needs in homes. It can be fitted in indoor as well as outdoor spaces, and can be extremely useful in all seasons. During hot summer days these, fans circulate cool air, and help bring down the temperature and maintain a pleasant feeling. During cold days in autumn and winter, these fans with their reverse motors, dissipate warm air that keeps indoor spaces comfortable and cozy. Minka Aire, a brand well known for the ceiling fans, brings to its customers a wide range of such products for use in residential as well as commercial spaces. These ceiling fans define the art of air management and their unique designs bring together form, function and fashion like no other. Here is a look at the different kind of ceiling fans offered by Minka Aire.

Minka Aire offers ceiling fans on the two different categories- indoor and outdoor.

Indoor ceiling fans

The range of indoor ceiling fans offered by Minka Aire are classified by their blade spans. These are micro and mini fans under 36 inches, small fans between 37 inches and 44 inches, medium fans between 45 inches and 57 inches, and fans over 58 inches.  These well-built ventilation products incorporate futuristic designs, which are highly functional and extremely attractive. Micro and mini fans are perfect for smaller rooms, but which have only limited ceiling space. The small and medium size fans fit perfectly into any room from the bedroom to kitchen, dining, family room, utility room, and so on. The large fans are made especially for oversized spaces that need luxurious styling and enhanced airflow.

Outdoor fans

Like the indoor fans, the range of outdoor fans offered by Minka Aire are classified by their sizes. These include small fans between 35 inches and 45 inches, medium fans between 46 inches and 57 inches, and large fans over 57 inches. From patios to porches and unique outdoor locations, these fans provide a much-needed breath of fresh air as you relax outdoor reading your favorite book or spending quality time over the weekend with friends and family. These fans are also built to withstand tough weather conditions and are damp/wet rated for use in exterior locations.

Other types of fans

Hugger fans

Yet another kind of ceiling fan offered by Minka Aire is the hugger fan. Made for ceilings that are 8 feet and under. With varying blade numbers and different blade spans, these fans cater to ventilations needs in indoor areas as well as outdoor ones. These fans circulate air an effective manner with the help of a more aggressive blade pitch. Outdoor hugger fans also come with outdoor rating so that they do not budge under varying and often extreme climatic conditions.

Fans with lights

Ceiling fans today are more than just ventilation products. Many of them come fitted with light sources, and hence double up as illumination products as well. Minka Aire fans come with inbuilt light kits. Such lights often used halogen bulbs and serve most illumination needs with ease. Many of these products are also designed for use in outdoor spaces that need airflow and lighting at the same time. Additionally, they come with caps so that the fan may be used without lights if desired.

Finishes and styles

Minka Aire fans are available in different finishes and styles to suit different interior and exterior design themes. These include traditional for vintage homes or those with classic designs, contemporary fans for modern and minimalistic new age homes, and transitional fans for themes that bring together traditional and contemporary features. In addition to these, some fans also showcase retro and industrial themes. The finishes on offer include – Black, Bronze, Brown, Copper, Gold, Iron, Nickel, Pewter, Silver, White, and Wood.

The range of ceiling fans by Minka Aire includes the most comprehensive and exciting designs in the market, and has something for every décor and budget.