Easy and Quick Tips About Rodent Control

All household owners have the experience of feeling uncomfortable when rodents or mice invade your home. Whether in the dining room, basement, attic or kitchen, a sight of a rodent can incite fear and surprise in even the composed house owner. Sadly, these pests are very resourceful and can enter your home or building through the smallest crack or opening and need very less space for entering inside. Mice can fit easily through spaces as small as a nickel.

Especially during winter, rodents prefer taking shelter indoors and when inside cause severe damage than just an unpleasant infestation. Rodents gnaw through wires and put your house at risk for electrical fires. Rodents also act as vectors carrying salmonella bacteria on their bodies and contaminate equipment, kitchen surfaces, and food sources. Here we have provided some quick and easy tips for rodent control near me.

Blocking their Entry to Your House

The first line of defense is making it difficult for pests to even find an opening to your home. Check if there are any holes at the screens and repair if there is any. Check around windows and doors for gaps and when needed replace the window stripping.

Clean the Kitchen

 A few crumbs on the floor or the counter are a treasure chest to insects and rodents. Let them find treasure in other places that should be far and outside of your house. Make sure that you are not offering any treasure that can be found in your kitchen.  Take out the trash daily, put food away immediately, sweep the floors and wipe your counters.

Rid of standing water

The first step for controlling mosquitoes is to get rid of standing water. The breeding ground for mosquitoes is standing water and it is a huge invitation to them for reproduction and start a family. Sometimes you forgot to miss standing water, therefore walk regularly around your property to check for it. Check for leaks near air conditioning unit, look in rain spouts and pick up the toys that are left scattered around the yard.  

Eat your Vegetables and Fruits

Never allow veggies and fruits to get overly ripe on the counter. If you do that, the fruit flies will come in a group and you do not want the headache to eliminate fruit flies.

Firewood Must be Stored Properly

Why give termites’ free entry to your sweet home? If you are storing firewood, keep it as far as possible from your shed or house. The minimum distance should be five feet bit you will be in better shape if you can store it in farther place. Do not forget to store in racks above the ground.

Maintaining the Yard

You must maintain your landscape for avoiding overgrowth that is a perfect place for pests and their nests. Trees and bushes must be trimmed near the house, weed the place and rake up debris.

Avoid Throwing Meat Outside

Try not throwing meat scraps in your outside garbage unless the garbage will be picked in the next two days. The combination of the summer sun and the rotting meat may bring unwanted pests to your area very quickly.

Inspection of Outdoor Furniture and Swings

For rodent control near me, daily check the corners and chains of your swing sets as well as outdoor furniture for egg sacks and spider webs. Remove them immediately when you see them.

Never Bring Outside Items Inside the House

Keep inside toys inside and outside toys outside. If you have to bring in a table, chair or a toy, wipe it down thoroughly first.

Using a Pest Control Service

It is wise to call a local pest service to tour house and spray regularly for rodents and bugs. As experts, they can take inventory of your problems and able to create a personalized plan for keeping rodents away. A professional rodent control near me provides more protection than you can provide when doing it alone. You will have a peace of mind knowing that you have an expert safeguarding your home. While you can try a lot of things and prevent rodents, a bit at times you need help from the pros.