Everything You Need to Know About Traditional Floor Clocks

Traditional floor clocks can augment the look of any home’s décor. But for maximum decorative impact, you need to invest in the right floor clock. A bit of research in terms of designs, costs, and their best placement can help you buy the right floor clock for any space.

Here’s everything you need to know about traditional floor clocks.

Size of the Clocks

You need to pay special attention to the clock’s size when buying a traditional floor clock. Such clocks are available in different dimensions such as 77 x 19 x 10 inches or 80 x 18 x 11 inches. Depending on the manufacturer, you can even find bigger or smaller sizes than these dimensions.

The height is something you need to be careful about as you can squeeze a clock with narrow dimensions even if space is the issue. But the clock will need to fit well vertically. For instance, archway placements can be problematic if the clock doesn’t fit under it well.

Design and Features

You can buy traditional floor clocks in many appealing designs. The most common design features are split-swan necks, half-turned columns, stepped bases, and crown molding. Floor clocks are made with different finishes such as oak, cherry, and walnut. Distressed finishes offer a unique element to traditional clock floor designs. Antique finishes are ideal to offer a touch of contrast in modern decorative settings. The color options are black, brown, white and a non-traditional gray.

Chimes are noticeable features of all kinds of floor clocks. The most common and popular sounds are Westminster, St. Michael, and Whittington. Floor clocks also come with night shut-off switch to mute the sound when you do not want the chime to disturb your sleep.

Pendulum sizes can be from broad to narrow. Most large-sized floor clocks will feature a broader pendulum. The detailing on the clocks can be in gold or silver. The dials can have an antique or more modern look.


The good thing about traditional floor clocks is that you have a great number of options for their placement around a home, office, or lobby. Given their size; it can be hard to fathom that traditional floor clocks can offer versatility in their arrangement around a space. But it is indeed true.

You can fit floor clocks in any corner or staircase landings. A floor clock can act as a pillar in a large living room space. You can also place them in the hallways or lobbies. But you need to pay attention to some factors when placing a floor clock. Ensure that the area is well-ventilated. Their placement should also be in a space that has normal temperatures. Humidity and extreme temperatures can adversely affect the quality of the wooden cabinet.

Authenticity and Genuine Retailers

It is important to buy traditional floor clocks from authorized dealers only. Most floor clocks are made in Germany. So, you need to ensure you are buying genuine clocks crafted at reputed German manufacturers’ units. Check the websites of various retailers you find online to confirm that those are authorized dealerships.

The retailer must offer you a great variety in terms of all kinds of traditional floor clocks. Check the delivery time of the clocks before you buy one. If you are unsure about the manufacturer or the style; discuss it with the retailer to find your options. If you are unable to choose a style due to any placement issue; again, genuine retailers will assist you by pointing you in the right direction.


The cost of traditional floor clocks can run into thousands of dollars and rightly so. Floor clocks are made with care and precision. It can take several months to produce a piece of floor clocks. The clock’s movement alone requires immense expertise to perfect. The design and the woodwork are handled by expert craftsmen who have dedicated their lives to their profession.

Floor clocks are an investment into your family’s heirloom collection. Floor clocks are passed down from one generation to the next. You can often find the same clock in a family’s home for generations.

You can take advantage of holiday sales and promotional offers to buy traditional floor clocks at economical rates.