Five Reasons Why People Like Troy Lighting

# 1 – An array of lighting products under one roof

The illumination needs in an abode are many. This may be general or ambient lighting that brightens up spaces, task lighting which caters to activities that need focused illumination, or accent lighting that enhances the appearance of the space. Your lighting may be limited to a particular category or combine some or all of them. In such cases, it makes sense to shop under one roof for the multiple products that you need full. Exactly why Troy Lighting makes sense. Their range of lighting solutions includes products for use in interior as well as exterior areas of the house. From ostentatious Troy Lighting chandeliers to simple pendant lights, wall sconces that cast a warm glow, vanity lights, post mounts, bath sconces etc., the brand offers them all.

# 2 – Different styles for different themes

Modern day homes are built around many different themes. To cater to such needs, Troy Lighting has developed lighting fixtures around different styles. The Classic style remains in vogue no matter what trends come and go. The aesthetic of this style never loses its appeal, and remains timeless, featuring details such as candelabras, faceted crystals, and so on. The Vintage style draws inspiration from the past and imbues it with a new edge. Light fixtures of this kind display form and style, and material of days gone by, while providing idyllic look and function suitable in modern times. The industrial style harps on turn of the century warehouses and components used in the industrial era, to illustrate a sense of simplicity. In this style, bare bulbs, clean lines, and pure metals like steel or iron marry well with modern improvements. The modern style is innovative and exciting. It is characterized by fluid design, simplistic styling and geometric flair, along with a touch of artistic aesthetics, which stimulates the senses while standing on its own. In addition to these, Troy Lighting offers chandeliers, wall mounts, flush mounts etc. in Rustic, Natural Inspiration, and Urban Loft styles.

# 3 – High quality products

Yet another feature that sets Troy Lighting apart is their product quality. The brand utilizes only the best raw materials picked through extensive, thoughtful sourcing. They attractive and robust materials such as iron and steel, glass and textiles, and so on, are selected by discerning specialists from a group of experienced suppliers. They also consistently look out for new and unexplored resources to bring the exceptional to the table. The rich catalogue of interior and exterior lighting products by Troy Lighting showcase these diverse set of high-end materials, while adding to permutations and combinations in customization.

# 4 – Hand worked artistry

Troy Lighting is a brand that explores the capabilities of human craftsmanship with a strong emphasis on hand worked artistry. The master craftsmen and smiths bend, forge, and weld raw materials into impeccable light fixtures, displaying a profound knowledge of the materials they work with, and an unwavering attention to detail and uniqueness. Combined with precision, distinct know-how, and creative ideas, these craftsmen give Troy Lighting fixtures their exclusivity, with individual products exemplifying the capabilities of the human hand.

# 5 – Lighting products that boast of an unmatched legacy

Troy Lighting is a brand that has been in the industry for over 50 years. Their products have transcended time and redefined workmanship to create strikingly eclectic and sophisticated casual lighting fixtures marked by their unique human sensibility, design, and functionality. The team at the California-based headquarters comprises of not just industry leader but also industry disruptors who dismiss trends and mechanistic perfection of fully automated manufacturing to give humanistic lighting the place it truly deserves. The products by Troy Lighting are their testimony to a reinstated focus on the consumer, and of products that draw connections and elicit emotions.