Five Top Advantages of Minka Aire Fans That Makes Them Globally Demanding

Minka Aire fans started in 1993. It’s based out of California owned by Bill and Marian Tang who also owed Minka Lightning Co. Minka fans have found success and has greatly earned a name for itself because of its high quality produces at very competitive prices. The fans are famous for the great designs and excellent cooling effect.

The Minka Aire fans come with great function and design which makes them globally famous. They come in a variety of designs ranging from contemporary to classic designs. The fans provide the maximum cooling comfort to the smallest room and the largest room alike. Minka Aire fans are the best-selling fans today.

Unlike other brands Minka Aire fans are trending, with cutting edge technology. We offer a wide array of designs to suit the trending lifestyles. Our fans have been designed with enlarged bodies and longer blades to circulate air freely across a large area. Our outdoor fan series are fit for all weather conditions. And you will also be happy to know and will surely want to try Minka Aire fans after reading much positive customer feedback about our fans.

Our ceiling fans come with plywood ceiling fan blades and engineered for superior performance. Whether it’s an outdoor fan or indoor ceiling fans, they all are designed in a fashionable way which can also serve the purpose as home decor.

The George Kovac series features an outstanding design statement that seamlessly incorporates great form and function. It can also be used as a great showpiece as well.

The Minika Air fans are found all over the world. All the Minka Aire fans not only display great design ranging from traditional look to contemporary design but also are all Energy Star qualified.

The craftsmen who manufacture Minka Fans are highly skilled and experienced.

Our Minka Aire ceiling fans show off lustrous lines and have a gorgeous details. It features a polished metal blade that spins between low, medium and high speed settings. It offers high fan flow efficiency at high speed. Its body is finished with brushed steel and nickel.

The aviation ceiling fans have curved blades of Minka Aire fans. It is designed with extremely efficient DC motor and a 60 degree blade span. The fan’s body has a brushed nickel with silver, rosewood and white polish.

The Symbio ceiling fans combines the best of both integrated LED light and a high powered efficient DC motor. These ceiling fans are brushed with nickel, and oil rubbed bronze.

Our most popular Roto ceiling fans offers true cooling technology. It blends into any environment with its industrial design. It’s made of aluminum for strength and durability.

Our traditional collection of best selling ceiling fans is known as the Concept Traditional Flush ceiling fans. They come with optional lighting system. These fans are designed perfectly to suit both indoor and outdoor locations. The fan’s body is made of Medium Maple blades and tinted opal.

The Artemis ceiling fan is also a top-rated fan. It comes with a unique curved blades which provide a more spacious and even spread air throughput a room even if its large in size.

We also have introduced our Spacesaver ceiling fans. These fans have an integrated halogen light and are just the perfect buy for your small spaces at home.

If you need a big and large ceiling fan you can go for our Xtreme Fan collection. It’s a massive design in 72, 88, or 96 inches.

So if you are looking for any kind of ceiling fan, Minka Aire fans are your one-stop solution. The advantages of buying Minka Aire fans are –

1. Wide array of designs – We offer a wide range of different collections of Fans each with different functions and all are uniquely designed. Some are traditionally designed while some give a contemporary modern look.

2. Energy saving – All our fans are Energy star certified. They give high efficiency at low energy consumption.

3. Customer satisfaction – We give 100 percent customer satisfaction. Our sales team expert are always there to assist you in choosing the most suitable range of Minika Air fans to suit your needs within your budget. We have a lot of customers who have given us positive feedback on or fans which you can read online.

4. Free shipping – We also offer free shipping for all our Minka Aire fans. All your orders are processed within one business day.

5. Economical pricing- Are you are worried about the price? There is no need to do so. We give 100 percent guarantee that we give high quality fans at affordable prices. We makes every effort to manufacture our fans with the best possible materials and give it at the most economical and competitive price in the market.