Four Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Plumbing Contractor

So in this post, we will look at the four key questions that you must ask before choosing a plumbing contractor.

1. Is plumbing contractor licensed, insured and bonded?

This is the first thing you need to ask. No matter what your plumbing contractor says, never, ever choose a plumbing contractor that does not have a valid license. A valid license ensures that a plumbing contractor you are hiring has passed the inspection test, met the industry standards, and registered with a local governing body. There are many plumbing contractors working in Los Angeles that do not have a license, and they will give you all kind of excuses to prove their innocence. But don’t hire an unauthorized plumbing contractor because if something goes wrong, then you don’t have control over the contractor.

Also, ask your plumber to show the copies of certificate of bond and insurance. Make sure your plumber is bonded and insured because accidents can occur at the site, and you do not want to be held responsible for any sort of compensation or claim. Also, a bonded plumbing contractor gives you an assurance that you are protected in cases of any damage occurs at the property during plumbing operations.

2. For how long plumbing contractor is in the industry?

If you just want to fix a leaking faucet or repair minor pipe damage, an inexperienced handyman will work great. But when it comes to large scale complex commercial plumbing jobs, you cannot risk choosing an inexperienced plumbing contractor. Ask your plumbing contractor about their experience. How many years of experience your plumbing contractor have? Check the website of a plumbing contractor and have a look at clients they have worked. An experienced plumbing contractor has gained knowledge and developed expertise over the years, and understands what works and what doesn’t.

3. What is the estimated cost of the plumbing project?

It is one of the most important questions every business owner should ask before hiring commercial plumbing contractors Los Angeles. Because there are endless stories where a plumbing contractor provides extremely attractive quotes on paper, but the plumbing project ends up costing double than what quoted. Get a written estimate of the cost of the plumbing project and ask the plumbing contractor to give a detailed explanation of what services are included and how you will be charged. Most plumbing contractors will visit the site to get an exact idea of how much plumbing project will cost. Also, ask your plumbing contractor is quoted price flat rate or will it change as the job goes on? Try to get flat rate quotes so that there will be no last moment surprises.

4. Does plumber provide some guarantee or warranty?

Does plumbing contractor back his work or is plumbing contractor see clients as a walking wallet? Ask your plumber what if something breaks? Does he provide a guarantee for his work? Get a written guarantee or warranty from your plumbing contractor. Most Los Angeles plumbers will provide your guarantee service only on certain fixtures in a bathroom or under certain conditions if a leak occurs. Make sure your plumbing contractor give you a warranty or guarantee in writing. Ask your plumber to give references to one or two clients who had problems with plumbing work. Contact these clients and ask whether the plumbing company deliver their promises. If your plumbing company hesitates to provide you a written warranty, then they most probably will forget you once the job is finished or try to avoid you if some problem falls out.

So these are the four questions you should never forget to ask before choosing a plumbing contractor no matter whether you are hiring plumbing contractors Los Angeles for plumbing system installation at new construction or for maintenance and repairing of existing plumbing system.