Four Reasons to Choose Custom Bathroom Vanities

A bathroom vanity is just one item of furniture in your bathroom but it can affect its entire look. It needs to be right in terms of size, design, and material for increasing your bathroom’s aesthetic and functional appeal. Such a perfect arrangement is not always possible with mass-market furniture. One solution is to use custom vanities to style your bathroom just right.

Here are four reasons to choose custom bathroom vanities.


Using custom vanities is the perfect way to add your own unique touch to a space that is very personal to you. You can customize a vanity to perfectly fit your bathroom; utilizing every inch of the space. You can choose your own material, color, and style with your custom vanity.

Stock vanities are available only in limited colors and styles. Readymade vanities may not go with your bathroom design or match with your aesthetic sense. You don’t need to settle for an average vanity that you don’t even like. You can decide to use a custom vanity for a distinct bathroom space that is your own.

You may want additional drawers in your vanity instead of open shelves. Perhaps you really like the use of metal basins with wood vanities or a simple table layout that you can use as you may please. If your taste is as distinct as these examples then the only option is to use custom vanities or compromise on your furniture needs.

If you want a turquoise vanity instead of the usual ivories and blacks then custom design is the way to go. If you want a long cabinet instead of a rectangular vanity, it is up to you. With custom furniture, you can skip the ‘the dream and the idea of a perfect bathroom’ and actually create it with simple solutions.


Custom furniture is sturdier than readymade ones. You can expect your custom bathroom cabinet to last longer even when it is exposed to moisture every day. You can choose materials like solid wood that can last for years even with water exposure. Many custom furniture designers coat wood vanities with polymers like polyurethane to protect their creations from water. So, you don’t need to compromise on style and material over practical reasons.

You can even choose strong drawer handles and basin. Brass handles may cost more than steel or aluminum ones. But they also look better and last longer. It is just one example. You can customize every part of your vanity to make it as strong as you want.


With custom furniture, you can control the cost of your bathroom vanity. You will know what you are paying for and why. With readymade furniture, you have to pay for subpar materials and uninspired designs. You also have no way of knowing the real value of the material used for making it.

On the other hand, your custom furniture designer can provide you with all the information you want on the materials used, how it was sourced, the paint used (toxic or not), the environment impact (of the material used), and why it’s costing you a certain amount. You can accordingly ask the designer to reduce the price or even increase it by adding more valuable accessories. When you choose custom furniture for your home, you can get a unique item within your budget.


Custom furniture can add value to any space in your house including the bathroom. Custom furniture spells luxury and hints at classic appeal. It can never go out of style whereas readymade furniture can quickly look dated and devalue your house with it. If you decide to sell your current house in the future, custom furniture can impact its asking price.

Custom furniture can add value to your interior design by its singular appeal. Even if your bathroom is small or doesn’t have too many distinct features; placement of even a small custom rustic vanity can augment its design. Custom is synonymous with luxury. It can spell leisure and comfort. Custom furniture boasts of extravagance even when it is as practical as any other utility item in your house.