Great Reasons to Buy House of Seagull Lighting

Seagull Lighting is a brand that has carved a niche for itself in the lighting fixtures industry. Seagull lighting chandeliers, pendants, wall and bath lights, recessed lighting, and many other products are a favorite among homeowners, interior decorators, and so on. Take a look at why buying light fixtures from this brand is a great idea.

Lighting that Combines Function with Decoration

Seagull Lighting leads with their ability to produce a record number of decorative and functional lighting products that influence the marketplace. These fixtures are renowned for their high quality and trusted by professionals from around the world such as homebuilders, architects, electricians, consumers, and so on.

LED And Energy Star Rated Products

Over 2000 products offered by Seagull Lighting are energy star rated. An almost equal number of lighting fixtures and associated products carry LED bulbs as their light source. This feature of Seagull illumination products is a boon to consumers who are wary of the environmental impact of their choices. Such certified products dissipate lesser energy and heat, contributing a more energy-efficient world, and one that is eco-friendly. In addition to these, many product carry California Title 24 certification, are ADA compliant, and have damp and wet ratings as needed for its functioning. The decorative LED fixtures mimic the performance attributes of traditional incandescent lamps, but at a non-premium cost that is way more affordable than those of LEDs in the past.

Myriads of Styles and Finishes

The interior design and décor theme has a huge bearing on the aesthetics of a home. Light fixtures that are incorporated for illumination purposes need to blend in with the theme that the home or any of its rooms carry. For this reason, Seagull Lighting offers light fixtures across four different styles, namely Traditional, Transitional, Modern, and Contemporary. Each style is characterized by distinctive features, which make them appropriate for homes designed around similar themes. Traditional features classic and timeless designs. Contemporary features new-age, minimalist aesthetics. Transitional picks up from Traditional and gives it a refined twist to fit into homes with crossover or blended themes. Modern reflect urbane sensibilities that are sophisticated yet elegant. Giving life to each of these styles is the finishes on the lighting fixtures. In a choice of Brass, Bronze, Silver, Solid Colors, and White, and Others, the fixtures by Seagull Lighting blend in seamlessly with the design and décor elements in different homes.

Diverse Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

The brand offers an extensive and impeccable range of home lighting products that fit into any indoor or outdoor space seamlessly. The offering is spread across different kinds of light fixtures such as Seagull pendant lights, chandeliers, wall and bath scones, vanity lights, recessed lights, mount lights, landscape lights, post lights, wall lanterns, and so on. In a myriad of sizes, these lights cater to general, task, and accent lighting needs in every nook and corner of the house.  From single bulb fixtures to those with sixteen or even eighteen bulbs, Seagull lighting fixtures have them. These products are also designed into collections, which draw inspiration from different objects, places etc. and translate them into design features that reflect through all light fixtures that are part of a certain collection. This makes it possible for you to decorate and illuminate your abode with uniformity and fluidity.

Other Product Offerings

In addition to regular light fixtures for indoor and outdoor spaces, Seagull also offers ceiling fans with inbuilt lamping, as well as recessed lights, address and signage lights, spotlights, and under cabinet lighting. This makes the product offering by the brand truly versatile. In addition to these, Seagull also bring sits consumers control units, LED tapes, components etc., which come of use when installing light fixtures or replacing them.

Seagull Lighting consolidates its position in the industry as a leader with almost 100 years of service. The strong relationships that they have built amongst channel partners, builders, contractors and homeowners have helped them earn a reputation of being among the very best.