Importance of Hiring Grease Trap Cleaning Service

As a restaurant owner, one of your biggest challenges is getting rid of fats, oils, and grease that comes from cooking dishes. A grease trap system is typically installed to help you deal with these in an easy and efficient manner. They separate out the oily and greasy stuff from the water that goes into kitchen drains, sinks, and dishwashers before they are let out into municipal facilities. Such filters, however, require frequent cleansing to ensure that they perform up to the mark. You can render the services of a professional grease trap cleaning company for the same and here’s how they can help you.

Remove Odor

Over time and with continued use, a large amount of fat and oil accumulate in the grease trap. This debris slowly begins to rot and in turn, results in the unbearable stench that puts off those inside the kitchen, the dining area, or the vicinity of your restaurant. A grease trap cleaning service provider can help prevent such an occurrence and save you the trouble of earning a bad reputation for being a smelly place and prevent guests from turning away.

Prevent clogged drains

When fats, oils, and grease accumulate in the trap over time, they form a hard layer of build-up, which obstructs the free flow of water. This affects drainage from the sinks and dishwashers into the municipal drainage in the area. As a result, the water, along with other leftover particles, and possible contaminants, flows back into the plumbing system, causing further damage. A clogged drain can render the sinks unusable and affect your day to day operations. A professional service provider who takes up grease trap cleaning prevents such mishap, thereby helping you to run your business smoothly without bringing it to a standstill.

Make routine cleaning easier

A professional grease trap cleaning service company helps you perform maintenance tasks in a routine manner. The food sediments that build up in the bottom of the trap container, if not removed on time, can turn into a hard mass, which becomes almost impossible to clean. The service provider, through cleaning at regular intervals, helps prevent such a pile-up of debris and ensures that the trap functions efficiently in separating all oils and fats from the water that is let out into the common sewage pipes.

Avert costly repairs

Food debris and the oil and grease matter that they contain are actually made up of many chemical compounds. These chemicals, when left in the tank, react and break down into hydrogen sulfide gas, and eventually sulfuric acid. This material is toxic and highly corrosive, capable even of damaging the steel and concrete walls that make up these interceptors. When this happens, a costly repair or replacement is the only way out. A grease trap cleaning company, by clearing out all debris on time, protects you and the establishment from such a mishap, thus helping to save precious time and money.

Comply with health department laws

It is common for health departments of municipalities to conduct regular inspections and tests on the effluent discharges from restaurants and hotels. During this examination, the personnel also asses the grease trap system and the outflow from the drain into the common sewage system. A high level of oil, grease or fat passing through the system can attract heavy penalties. These can range from fines to suspension of operation or even revocation of operation licenses until you fix the issue at hand. Such unfiltered outflow usually happens because your grease trap filter isn’t working well or the tank simultaneously has reached its maximum retention capacity. A grease trap cleaner can save out from this fiasco by keeping the system clean and well functioning. This, in turn, protects you from the disastrous impact of a penalty on the business. With hectic schedules, you may miss cleaning the grease traps on time. To avoid such predicaments, it is best that you hire well reputed professional grease trap cleaning service. The company can not only keep the system spic and span but also put into place a cleaning schedule that allows your restaurant operations to run seamlessly.