Key Points to Consider When Choosing Grease Trap Cleaning Service

The grease traps or interceptors in commercial restaurant kitchens need frequent cleaning and maintenance in order to stay fully functional. The job is best done by professional grease trap cleaning service contractors who are specialized in the same as well as other associated tasks. When hiring a company of this kind, here is what you need to do.

● Hire an expert service provider

When hiring a company for grease trap cleaning services, be sure to check their background and credentials – how long they have been in business, the locale they service, jobs completed successfully in the past, training, and know-how, and so on. You can find reliable service providers in a local listing directory, or even ask for referrals among your friend or colleague circles. Many professionals also have websites that detail out the services provided by them, the equipment they use, their experience, etc. Such webpages are a good starting point for your inquiry, but you will also need to check for reviews either on those websites or on other search portals. A good number of positive reviews typically points towards a professional contractor who does the job well.

Expert companies may charge a slight premium for their services, but it is worthwhile because the grease trap and drainage system is complex with many associated parts. Any damage to any of these, during the cleaning process, can render your commercial kitchen unusable and cost you thousands of dollars for repair or replacement. Also, when reviewing multiple contractors, check for licenses and insurance. Most local laws mandate that these contractors be licensed in order to perform the cleaning task. This ensures that the personnel are adept at the task and will not abandon your kitchen halfway through. Insurance helps cover damages or troubles arising out of unforeseen circumstances without placing an additional burden on your business.

● Ask for associated services offered

Many professional grease trap cleaning companies do more than just leave the interceptors and filters spic and span. They inspect the system for faults or defects that may pose problems or health hazards in the future. They perform preventive maintenance tasks that help keep the grease trap in good shape for a long period of time. They also dispose of the grease and solid waste collected from the trap, in a manner compliant with local regulations. Experts and professionals who provide these services typically have special permits and know how to get rid of the wastes without causing health or safety hazards to those involved or to those who may come in contact with it.

Many contractors of grease trap cleaning service also perform line jetting of drainage pipes. This is because a fully clean grease trap may still not function to its maximum if the pipes leading up to it are filled with grease, fat, and food debris. Also, blocked, clogged, or waste-laden pipes may cause grease to fill up in the trap faster, thus demanding more frequent grease interceptor cleaning schedules. This, in turn, means more money spent.

Additionally, expert grease trap cleaning companies help with documentation and record-keeping, which come in handy during inspections by food safety and health departments. They fill in details like when the cleaning was done and what other maintenance activities were performed on the trap. Inspectors typically review this information when they come visiting your restaurant kitchen.

● Compare prices

While there isn’t a single fixed price for grease trap cleaning service, there is a bracket into which the prices typically fall. Most experts have a base fare or starting price for a specific type of service for a grease trap measuring a specific size, but this may go up depending on other factors when the trap was last cleaned, or how dirty the interceptor is, if the system has other faults, and so on. Professional cleaning contractors tend to send their personnel on-site, who then evaluate the condition of the grease trap and quote you a price based on the services you have requested. There is no compulsion to hire the same service provider at this juncture, and you may choose to get quotes from multiple contractors before you narrow down on one you are happy with. However, beware if you receive a drastically different quote from one contractor and similar ones from the others. The former may have hidden charges that are not factored in, or may not be experienced to perform the cleaning tasks in a thorough manner.