Luxury Interior Design Ideas for Every Home

What does luxury mean to you? Does it mean expensive? Is it a word used to mean the kind of home that looks like it popped out of a magazine and can’t actually be touched by real people?  Maybe luxury means a room with a lot of black and white, geometric shapes, plus a bold accent color? Perhaps, but luxury interior design in Los Angeles is so much more. Redecorating means bringing in a fresh, new feel to the space you live in, one that makes it beautiful as well. Most importantly, the eye-popping space your design creates must feel like your usable living space. There are luxury interior design ideas for every home that allow you to have the home of your dreams, and to live in it, too!

Fresh ideas

When you begin a design project or hire an interior designer, you are looking for new ideas and a new feel to the project. This is actually about starting new with the room in mind. Too many homes have rooms that don’t feel right because they were designed with the furniture and decor already inside and were made to work with what was already there. Luxury interior design begins with an empty space and a plan for that space. Luxury interior design in Los Angeles doesn’t have to be about spending a lot of money if the design works in the first place.

Luxury is timeless and modern

Where do designers get inspiration for luxury interior design in Los Angeles? The trends of 2018 are shaped by what was considered beautiful in past eras, but that doesn’t mean that the designs should look dated. Modern updates make the old feel new. Colors, shapes, textures, and fabrics are items that, when changed, slightly bring back an old favorite with a modern touch. Velvet, suede, and leather are good examples. They are rich, sumptuous fabrics that can be beautifully textured and, when used for furnishings today, can make a bold statement.

Luxury interior design in Los Angeles is as much about what you like and what works for you as it is about the latest trends. Design ideas for your space should take into account what you like and what you do with your day. The space must feel right to you above anything else. Design trends look at this overall. Right now, interior designers are using natural colors and materials. These materials are easy to work with and change. Greens and browns, earth tones, and natural materials reflect our love of nature and the earth. These colors are accented with ocean blues, dark reds, deep orange, and yellow gold. Cork wood gives a warm, rich hue, and it also makes for a great balancing color. Cozy and warm gives beauty and luxury to the space.

Wallpaper is another way of adding bold design, quick splashes of color, contrast, and personality to a room at an affordable price (one that is easy to change if you need to). Wallpaper can be textured and can provide any look or feel to the space that works. Another idea is to incorporate a lot of openness into the space that you want to bring luxury interior design in Los Angeles into. Luxury should guide the eye and not be cluttered. Warm and open with light and air is today’s design. After all, life is busy enough.

Ideas for luxury interior design in Los Angeles are, on the whole, no different today than they were in the past. A truly luxurious design should look like it was born from styles in the past with a design that caters to modern tastes and needs—but one that does not look dated today and that will work for you in the future, with minimum to no redecorating. This can be achieved with a skillful use of color and contrast, small accents, bold design, and by bringing rich fabrics to give warmth to the room, all while also working to keep the space airy and open.

When designing, look to a professional at luxury interior design who wants to learn about what is important to you, not to them. Today, we are becoming very conscious about the world around us, and design ideas can be found everywhere. Luxury, like beauty, feels natural. The designs and materials are what is new, not the basic principles or the basic ideas. Beautiful design has always been about the home and people who live there.