Make Your Bedroom Look Good with Rustic Dresser

A good dresser can not only help you with storage in the bedroom but you can also use it as a design accent. Picking the right dresser for your bedroom is not difficult. But you need to consider your requirements as well as the room’s dimensions for selecting the perfect item.

There are a number of styles you can choose when it comes to a dresser for your bedroom. But there is something about rustic dressers that complements any bedroom style and design with remarkable ease.

Consider these tips to make your bedroom look good with a rustic dresser.

A Storage Solution

A small dresser with wide drawers can offer better storage than a tall dresser with narrow drawers. So, consider this aspect when looking for a new dresser. If space in your bedroom is limited, it can be difficult to find a dresser than can fit well and also offer proper storage.

Tall dressers may be able to fit into tight spaces but they don’t offer much in terms of storage and they are also difficult to use as decorating accents. If this is the case with you, you can work with a custom furniture designer to create the right rustic dresser for you. You can then customize its design as you wish.

The right size of the drawer is the first step in making your bedroom accentuate with its placement.

Design tips:

You can use the top of a medium-sized dresser to store beautiful knick-knacks or even other utility items (more storage!).

You can place an antique mirror on the wall just over your rustic dresser. A carved wooden box or even a jewelry stand with crystal strings can complete the look. Antique metal plates, wood accents, and a vintage lamp are other ideas to use on short, wide, or even medium-sized dressers.

You can use the space to place items of different heights to create design layers.

A Tale of Two Dressers

There is no rule that says you can’t use two dressers in a room. If you have a large bedroom, two dressers on different sides can do wonders to balance the entire space. You can use one in lieu of a nightstand and the second one by a corner near the tall mirror. You can also use two dressers of different sizes to create a balanced yet layered look in the room.

You can even use both in one corner right next to each other with a tiny space in the middle.

Design tips:

Rustic furniture complements other natural materials really well. Use the space between the dressers to place a tall plant in a metal or marble planter. You can use top of one dresser to create a space for photos and another for additional storage.

If you are using the dresser as a nightstand then a lamp, picture frames, and space for your night-time essentials can keep the top of the dresser neat but also well-utilized.

The Thing about Cozy Corners

Rustic dressers are perfect to create cozy corners in the bedroom. If space is a constraint in your bedroom, use a dresser to create an overall cozy space instead of just one isolated corner. Rustic furniture is ideal to add a sense of warmth to any room. You can create sung but beautiful spaces with the right dresser placement.

Design tips:

For small bedrooms, you can use a dresser, a bed, and a chair to develop your own comfortable space. Use the dresser in front or by the side of the bed. If there is extra space on either side of your bed then you can use this space to add an extra dresser. For small bedrooms, dressers can offer much relief in terms of your storage needs. The rustic design will add extra layers of warmth. Use a chair or a planter in rest of the space just for some extra oomph.

For larger spaces, dedicate an entire side to create a comfy corner. You can use the dresser to place a lamp and book. Throw in a comfortable chair and a rug and your own personal nook is ready.