Sewage Repair- Tips and Advice

With your sewer system located underground, identifying problems with the sewer line is quite difficult. Sewer line maintenance can avoid disasters, which are bound to happen without periodic maintenance and proper care.
Neglected sewer lines have the potential to create many unhealthy problems. Fixing these problems can be relatively expensive and messy. Most of the homeowners tend to overlook sewer lines and fail to identify symptoms of sewer line blockages.

Some of the main problems of sewer lines and the tips and tricks to prevent these problems are as follows.

Grease blockage

One of the major reasons for sewer repair Los Angeles is due to the blockages caused by grease. Fatty substances such as oil and grease tend to accumulate in the sewer and block the lines. Grease enters the sewer lines when you pour cooking oil and leftovers in the kitchen sink.

You can prevent grease from blocking the sewer lines by fixing a grease receptor. This receptor prevents oil and grease from flowing into the sewer lines as it allows only wastewater to escape. Never pour oil and greasy substances into the sink as it clogs the pipes when it cools. A mixture of baking soda and vinegar is excellent to clean the drains occasionally. You can pour the mixture directly into the sink and then follow it with hot water.

Tree root blockage

The roots of the trees also create blockages in sewer pipelines. Water that seeps through a crack in the pipeline attracts the roots of trees. It begins to grow in unimaginable speed and causes damage to the pipelines. Roots tend to fill the pipeline and causes blockages. Sewer repair is the only way to resolve this issue.

The best way to prevent tree roots from growing inside the pipeline is by removing plants near the sewer lines. It is better to plant trees with shallow roots such as maple, oak and ash trees. Another way to prevent the roots of trees from penetrating the pipeline is to rod the sewer line.

Physical objects

Flushing everything down the toilet is a bad idea as sewer lines can accept only human waste and toilet paper. If you accidentally flush down hard objects, sanitary napkins, diapers, and other such substances, the sewer line can seldom accept it. Eventually, you will need to call in sewer repair to unclog the drain.

Never flush anything that the sewer line cannot decompose such as cigarettes, diapers, facial tissues, paper towels and so forth.

Large sized food particles

Another problem that leads to sewer repair is pushing large sized food particles through the kitchen drain. Pieces of food such as potato clump, meat, onion peels, and cornhusks clog the sewer lines even if the pipes are large enough.

Remember never to throw food particles into the kitchen sink. Instead, dispose of them in garbage bags so that your sewer lines are in good condition for many years.

Tub and shower drainage

Sewer lines can also clog due to the accumulation of hair from tubs and showers. You can prevent this by installing a mesh strainer, which collects hair from tubs and showers.

Mud and leaves

Apart from oil and grease from kitchen sinks and physical objects from bathrooms, sewer lines clog due to dirty water from the yard as it carries mud, leaves, debris, and forms into sludge.

You can prevent this easily by cleaning the drain basin periodically so that there is little chance of mud accumulation in the basin, which will further clog the sewer line.

You can call in sewer repair in Los Angeles if you notice slow draining pipes in your home or backyard as it could be an indication of sewer line blocks. It is ideal to seek the assistance of professionals when it comes to sewer line leakages and other related problems.

Fixing a small problem in the sewer line may not seem an urgent task, but it has huge repercussions when left unattended. When there is a block in the sewer lines, sewage begins to back up in homes, which can be a catastrophe. Therefore, it is crucial to give the utmost importance to any kind of sewer line problems.