Ten Things to Know When Choosing Fans for Home

One of the most overlooked décor element inside the home is the fan. An essential requisite for every room, fans have never received the importance they deserve. They are a part of the ceiling of every room but not much attention is paid to them. Here are ten things to know when choosing fans for your home.

1. Consider the size of the room: One of the most basic aspects is to consider the size of the room you are choosing the fan for. For a small sized room, you cannot choose a huge fan since it will look awkward. Hence, measure the size of your room before you decide on the fan. The fan should not be too small or too large as compared to the room size.

2. Choosing the right size: There are various sizes available for ceiling fans. You need to consider the longest wall in the room when choosing the fan. According to the height, you can get flush mount ceiling fans or downrod mount ceiling fans.

3. Consider the blades: As compared to the traditional ceiling fans, modern ceiling fans come with a number of blades that help maintain the flow of air. Choose high quality blades for longevity and constant flow of air.

4. Installation of the fan: If you want to install a fan in place of electricity wiring, it will be an easy job but if you want to install the fan where there is no wiring, you will be required to call a technician for the same.

5. Fans with light: The traditional ceiling fans have been replaced with modern fans that are equipped with light. You can achieve the right balance of lighting and airflow with the installation of a fan with light.

6. Fans with remote: In order to add convenience to your life, there are fans that come with a remote. You can use the remote to control the speed of the fan and maintain constant flow of air without having to get up from your seat.

7. Consider the blade pitch: The blade pitch is the angle of the blade which makes the difference in the amount of air which is circulated in the room. You need to ensure that the blade pitch will allow the ceiling fan to move the right amount of air which is not too much or too little.

8. CFM: CFM stands for cubic feet per meter and it shows the amount of air that a fan can move. It depends on the fan’s motor, the blade pitch and the shape of the blade. It will help determine airflow efficiency and you can find the information about the same on the product details on the fan.

9. Choosing an outdoor fan: Indoor and outdoor fans are different. When choosing an outdoor fan, consider dry rated, damp rated and wet rated ceiling fans.

10. Style and design: With a variety of options to choose from, consider the décor theme inside your home and choose fans that easily blend in with different elements inside the room.