Things You Need to Know about Franz Hermle Clocks

Franz Hermle is a name that any clock aficionado will recognize easily. There is always a fascination attached to companies that began in interesting time periods and evolved to become leaders in their business category. Franz Hermle has been known to make quality clocks that have stood the test of time for close to a century now.

Here are some things to know about Franz Hermle clocks.

  • Franz Hermle founded the company in the year 1922 just as Germany was recovering from the devastation of the WWI. He had a vision to manufacture quality clocks that would be known for quality mechanisms and craftsmanship. Till date Hermle clocks are known for their innovations in design and superb mechanical works. Whether you buy Hermle clock online or receive it as a gift, you can rest assured that you have a quality item in your possession.
  • When the company started, it was based in southern Germany (in the black forest area). The company expanded to North America in 1977 with a manufacturing unit in the USA. In 2002, the Amherst-based manufacturing plant had been developed so much that the company was able to expand its reach into direct retailing. At present, you can buy any type of Hermle clock online easily. There are many authorized dealerships of Hermle clocks that not only sell the items but also offer excellent customer service.
  • The company has been growing since its inception. There has not been any year of stagnancy. The company has moved forward with its ideals and vision into a new century but has stuck to its values of quality and innovation. The company has expanded its product range to include accessories such as dials and pendulums.
  • Franz Hermle takes technology seriously. The company ensures that they invest in the right technology in terms of manufacturing capabilities and also for excellence in customer service. At the heart of this love for technology is not only growth of the company but also a genuine effort to maximize employee efficiency and minimize their stress. The right technology and tools also enables them to keep the customers happy.
  • Franz Hermle clocks are known for precision in mechanical movements that is yet unmatched in the industry. It is also the largest manufacturer in the world for quartz and mechanical movements as well as automated parts.
  • Hermle clocks are available in a variety of styles and designs. You can buy floor clocks in different sizes and designs from the brand. Then there is a great selection of wall, tabletop, and mantel clocks. You can find traditional clocks as well as contemporary designs to suit modern homes.
  • Currently, there are 500 (and counting) technicians and designers working with the company to produce millions of clocks every year. These craftsmen work tirelessly to create designs that are groundbreaking in terms of aesthetics and mechanical details. The company constantly strives to produce designs that break the traditional mold of clocks. When you can think of only bulky Hermle grandfather clocks, the company brings to market slimmer floor clocks ideal for urban homes.
  • For the clock body, mainly wood and brass are used. For mechanical movements, brass is the preferred material at Franz Hermle. Turning parts for Hermle clocks are made with any quality raw material available locally.
  • Each lot size is fairly contained to keep some aura of exclusivity. The company also manufactures special edition clocks from time to time.
  • Going by its propensity for advancement, innovation, and values; the company leadership began to think of environment-friendly ways to product the clocks. The company has been thinking of various ways to minimize industrial waste and reduce its use of natural resources. One of the measures has been to update its design software for more efficiency. It allows them to produce clocks with minimal amount of wood wastage. The leadership also took steps to recycle sawdust through a company that can use it to make wood pellets. Wood pellets are used in furnaces and wood stoves as an alternate fuel source.

Interesting, isn’t it? It is now easy to bring home a masterpiece as you can buy Hermle clocks online through authorized dealerships.