Tips for Choosing Rustic Bathroom Vanities

Rustic furniture can enhance aesthetics in any room with simple yet elegant designs. Rustic furniture is all about mixing the past with the present to create beautiful spaces. You can even use rustic furniture in your bathroom in the form of a nice vanity to create a sense of warmth and comfort.

There is a wide variety of rustic vanities available now to accommodate the needs of all households. Consider these tips to choose the right rustic vanity for your bathroom.

Seek Timeless Elegance

Rustic wood vanities are perfect to create a sense of timelessness in your personal space. Rustic furniture is available in many different materials. Reclaimed wood vanities can help you create an idyllic bathroom space. There is something about the unpolished and time-worn look of reclaimed wood that adds to its appeal.

A combination of wood and iron is also remarkable to dress your bathroom in a style that won’t go out of fashion. Rustic iron sheets or handles are perfect representative of the time gone by and offer your bathroom an aura of timeless appeal. You can also opt for copper basins with your rustic wood vanities for added classic flair.

If you are looking for a bathroom vanity that won’t go out of style anytime soon, restrict your selection to reclaimed wood or metal. The combination of these materials is also superb choice for any bathroom style. If you are worried about water damage on the wood, then buy vanities that come coated with protective polymers such as polyurethane.

Another way to bring classic elements in the vanity is by incorporating stone tabletops. Granite tops can work well with brown rustic vanities. Light-hued marble tops can complement black and dark brown vanities perfectly.

You can buy rustic vanities in different patterns carved on wood or other details as well. Look for carved designs on reclaimed wood or colored patterns etched onto the vanity front.

Pay Attention to the Colors

When choosing rustic wood vanities, there are more colors options to choose from other than browns. Bathroom vanities are also available in hues such as white, blue, green, and black. You can even order the color of your preference if you are buying custom bathroom vanities.

If the rest of your bathroom is designed in white, you can brighten up the space with a blue or turquoise vanity. It can add to the space without overwhelming or disturbing the rest of the bathroom décor. If your bathroom is designed in rustic style with brown wooden elements then a brown or even a black wood vanity can blend in perfectly with the décor.

Look for Functionality

A bathroom vanity needs to be functional too. Consider your requirements when selecting new rustic bathroom vanities. Do you want additional drawers or just the top of the vanity is enough for your storage needs? Do you need a vanity with two basins? Would you rather opt for a small vanity with two drawers, no extra top space but with a large basin?

Looking for a vanity that offers you all practical functions can take a bit of time. But it is important to take the time to look for the right vanity when making a design investment for your home. If your requirements are very specific, you may want to consider buying a custom vanity. It is a good option for homeowners who want very precise vanity designs or storage solutions.

Choose the Right Size

The size of the vanity must be proportionate to your bathroom’s dimensions. You may love a long vanity with two basins but it can also cramp your small bathroom. On the other hand, a small vanity can look out of place in a big bathroom.

If you only have a small corner space in your bathroom for the vanity, there is no proper way to fit a square or rectangle vanity in that narrow space. You can opt for a small triangular vanity with bottom shelf space and at least a medium-sized sink. Bowtie vanity designs are also available if that is what fits in your bathroom.