Why Do You Need to Perform Routine Plumbing Checks?

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Plumbing in any house or building is very important. Everyone knows it. But few of us take care to maintain the plumbing well. We call the plumber only when a plumbing problem arises. Oftentimes; this results in both extensive and expensive repairs. Here’s more on why you need to perform routine plumbing checks.

Plumbing checks – what does it entail?

You should keep tabs on your house’s plumbing for sure. But you should also hire a plumber for annual or bi-annual checks.

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DIY checks –

  Notice if the water in the sink, bathtub, and the shower are beginning to drain slowly than usual. It could indicate a clog in the drains. You can take some DIY measures such as pouring down hot water every once in a while to clear the debris from the drains. You can also be mindful about what you are putting down the drain.

  Dampness in the walls can indicate leaking pipes. So, call a plumber immediately in case you notice damp walls in any part of the house. The same applies to leaky faucets.

  Check the toilet for clogs or any broken component in the flush. Get the problems rectified before the toilet completely jams or the flush stops working.

  During winter months, keep a tab on pipes for leaks due to freezing water inside them. If you notice even a slight leak, call the plumber promptly. Drain the hose and keep it inside for the winter.

  Keep checking appliances for any damage or inefficient performance. The water heater takes in a lot of damage due to harsh weather conditions. Sediments can also deposit inside it. These things can impede its function or even damage the appliance. If you notice problems with the water heater, washing machine, garbage disposal, or the dishwasher; don’t wait for those to become bigger. Call a plumber without delay for an inspection. Timely checks can provide the most efficient and cost-effective solutions.

Checks by a Professional –

  A professional inspection will include a thorough check of each and every plumbing component such as faucets, toilets, drains, and appliances. Many plumbers also include an inspection of the sewer lines in their maintenance plans. They will check the main water supply line and shut-off valves too.

  Keeping the drains clean can prevent major problems at a later date. Annual cleanup of all the drains in the house can increase the lifespan the plumbing. It will also prevent the risk of major clogs especially during holidays or your busy working hours. The plumber can also check the sump pump for efficiency. If the sump pump fails, it can flood your yard and the house. You will risk extensive damage to the house. Replacing the sump pump is also very costly. So, it is best to call a plumber to have a look at it annually or at least every few years.

  The sewer line inspection can include a thorough checkup using cameras that can look deep inside the pipes. The plumber can remove tree roots blocking the sewers including other debris.

  The plumber will look for leaks, clogs, and corrosion in the plumbing throughout the house. Rusting pipes can be a health hazard. If needed; the plumber will recommend replacing the components. If repairs will do the work then that is what your plumber will suggest as the correction plan.

  Maintenance services can also prepare your house’s plumbing for the changing weathers. For instance, your plumber can insulate the pipes and the water heater to keep them safe from harsh winters. Water freezing inside the pipes is a major problem during the colder months. The pipes can burst. So, preparing them to prevent such catastrophe is important. In the spring, the plumber can remove insulations from the pipes, clean the gutters, and prepare the plumbing for hotter months.

Plumbing maintenance plans will help you reduce the risk of expensive repairs at a later date. You can opt for economical maintenance packages from a reliable plumber.