Why Rodent Proofing Service is Important for Your Home?

Rodent proofing services can be extremely helpful to keep your home safe from damages. Mice and rats can damage property and spread diseases to residents of the house. Exterminating them is not a lasting solution. You need to make your home completely safe from rodents by closing every possible outlet from where they can enter inside the property. But only professionals can make homes safe from rodents. Rodent proofing is not a DIY job.

Here’s why rodent proofing services are important for your home.

Protection from Property Damage

Rats and mice can chew wood, plastic, and all kinds of hard materials. These pests can chew cables and destroy the electrical system in your house. Chewing of wires can even cause fires; destroying your property and causing harm to life.

Rodents can destroy furniture, books, clothes, files, etc. But the real risk is the structural damage to the property. Once rodents begin to chew on a surface; they can destroy it completely within days.  Rodents can chew through drywall and things made from plastic and vinyl. If the concrete isn’t cured adequately, mice can even chew through it. Apparently, incisors in rats continue to grow. So, they need to chew on things to wear their teeth down. Mice often chew on wires and other things to whittle down their incisors.

Rats and mice can chew through lead, aluminum, asbestos, brick, cinder blocks, cement, mortar, leather, wax, and sheetrock.  So, imagine the damage to your house, property, and belongings when rodents are in your house. If your roof is made from wood and already has a weak structure; rodents can damage it further and pose a serious risk to your house and family.

Rodent proofing services can seal even the tiniest of holes through which rodents can enter. Professional services can check your entire house and make it impossible for rodents to enter from anywhere at all. Merely exterminating rodents is not the solution. You will need to make it impossible for them to find a way into your house. Once rodents enter your house, their pheromones can attract more of them to your property. You can rodent-proof windows, doors, attic, and plumbing too.

Protection from Diseases

Rodents carry germs that can cause serious diseases in humans. Some of these diseases are rat-bite fever, leptospirosis, Lassa fever, Hantavirus pulmonary symptom (HPS), plague, hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome, salmonellosis, and tularemia. Some of these germs can also be transmitted to your pets such as dogs and cats.

All these diseases are serious and require extensive treatment. Even dead rodents can transmit some of the above-mentioned diseases. For instance, tularemia can occur in humans and pets if they come in contact with a dead rodent carrying the bacteria that causes it.

Rodents can bring mites and ticks into your house as carriers. Urine and droppings of rodents can spread germs around your house and risk the residents. It is also risky handling urine and droppings of rodents. You will need to take special precautions when you handle these things including dead rodents. Such chores can be tedious as well as dangerous.

Protection from Unhygienic Conditions

Needless to say, if rodents are in your house; expect to find their droppings just about everywhere. You can wake up and see their droppings first thing on the floor, kitchen platform, and near your coffee mug.

Rodents can contaminate food in your house. If you ingest such food, you are likely to get sick. Dried droppings can become airborne and cause allergies when inhaled. Even rodent saliva can be around your house; making the surfaces icky and dangerous to touch.

Rodent dander can also cause allergic reactions. If you and any of your family members have asthma or any respiratory disorder; then the presence of rodents in your house can cause severe problems. Red eyes and watery eyes are possible too. It is not possible to clear rodent dander, droppings, and urine from every corner of the house. Even if you clean diligently, rodents in your house can continue to contaminate the surfaces.

Hiring professional rodent proofing services can provide you relief from all the above problems.

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