Why You Should Choose Rustic Wood Desk?

Rustic looks of natural wood are so unique and charming that in most of the lavish American homes you will find the furniture made of natural wood. And if you are planning to buy a wood desk for your home office, then investing in a rustic wood desk is undoubtedly the best decision you can make.

A rustic wood desk is made of the natural wood. Natural wood used in manufacturing desks can either be reclaimed from existing old structures or cut from a new tree. Natural wood obtained from both sources are strong, tough, durable, and lasts for long.

However, the reclaimed wood desk is more popular than the new wood desk. The major reason behind this is the inherent property of wood that is it matures with age. A 50-year-old reclaimed wood is far superior to the newly cut wood in appearance and natural weather resistant capability.

Rustic wood desk offers an enormous range of advantages. There are plenty of reasons why you should invest in it. Let’s have a look at a few.

Strength and Durability

Rustic writing desk is super tough and extremely durable. It can easily withstand any wear and tear. Whether you spill coffee on it or using it roughly, unless you keep it clean, it will not go anywhere for several lifetimes. Also, with the wood desk, you do not mind putting some extra load on the desk; it can easily bear any load. It is very strong and resilient and can easily withstand the test of the time.

Elegant Appearance

Natural rustic looks of the wooden desk are just awesome and mesmerizing. Wherever you place the rustic wood desk, its rustic appearance will enhance the beauty of that place. Its rustic appearance, natural imperfections, surface texture, and natural color variations are unmatchable. You will not find all these in any other material.

Long Lasting

Natural wood is a robust material which matures with time and gains strength as it age. Hence, furniture made of wood last longer. Some of the ancient wooden structure which is more than 500 years old are still standing strong. So, the writing desk made of natural wood lasts for several lifetimes. If you are looking for the longevity from the desk, natural wood desks are the best choice.

Ease of Maintenance

A rustic wood desk is almost maintenance free. You do not have to treat it with sealants every year to make it weather resistant. All you need to do is clean it regularly and do not allow the dirt to settle. This will be sufficient to prevent any damage to the wood. However, to keep the desk in good shape and for maintaining its luster, occasional oiling, waxing, and polishing are required which is not at all a difficult task.

Holds its Value  

Wood does not lose it values with time. Some of the small rustic desks made of wood reclaimed from historical places are more expensive than the ordinary new wood desk. Therefore, if you keep your rustic writing desk in good shape, you do not have to worry about its value. It will never depreciate. And when you resell it in the future, you will get a good price for it.


These day people are making their contribution to the environment by using eco-friendly products and supporting sustainable production. Using reclaimed wood is an environment-friendly way of manufacturing furniture because you are using the existing stock of wood, not cutting or harming new trees. Hence, it reduces the carbon fingerprints that you leave behind.

Save Money

Rustic writing desk might cost you more than the desk made of engineered wood initially. But in long run, it will save you a lot of money by preventing maintenance and repair cost. More importantly, its resale value is also high. So overall purchasing a rustic wood desk is worth investing.

These are the few key reasons that make the rustic wood desk a perfect buy.

Final Thoughts  

When it comes to choosing the material for furniture, nothing can match the natural wood. If you are someone who loves craft, then rustic wood desk is tailor-made for you. Every time when you sit on it, you will feel happy and pleasant.